The cosmic clocks: from astrology to a modern science

Michel Gauquelin, Frank Brown

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The Cosmic Clocks' is a revealing study of both the genesis of astrology and modern science's exploration into the forces that control life. The author shows that the basic contradiction that would seem to exist between current scientific thought and the mystical interpretations of the universe is not so great as has been believed. People of old intuitively sensed that something outside themselves directed their lives. What modern scientists are learning is that this direction comes not from any occult characteristics of heavenly bodies but from forces such as electromagnetic fields and cosmic radiation. In experiments, biologists have found that plants and animals somehow 'know' the time of day, the tide, the month and even the year, and react accordingly even when they are cut off from any obvious environmental factors. They hypothesized that each plant and animal must contain within itself some sort of timing system. Only after intensive study by eminent biologists has science begun to admit that these biological 'clocks' and 'compasses' must be 'set' by the organism's previously unexpected sensitivity to the very weak magnetic, electrostatic and electromagnetic fields of the earth, which are in turn affected by the movements of the earth, Sun, Moon, planets - and even the stars. This fascinating survey of astrology, from its ancient beginnings to today's modern discoveries, reawakens an exciting new field of human inquiry.
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