Overcoming Overeating: How to Break the Diet/Binge Cycle and Live a Healthier, More Satisfying Life

Jane R. Hirschmann, Carol H. Munter

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The reissue of a classic in healthy living, with more than 300,000 copies sold!

Diet/binge. good food/bad food. punishment/reward. These are the compulsive eater's nightmares, a long-time pattern of recrimination and guilt that ultimately leads to more overeating and more weight gain. In an updated edition, here is the ground-breaking, step-by-step plan that doesn't control eating habits but cures them instead, once and for all. Overcoming Overeating will show you how to:

* Give up dieting forever
* Eat from true stomach hunger instead of "mouth hunger"
* Stop overeating and lose weight naturally
* Move beyond a preoccupation with eating and weight in order to live a more satisfying life

Jane R. Hirschmann, M.S.W., and Carol H. Munter, Licensed Psychoanalyst, are codirectors of the National Center for Overcoming Overeating in New York City.
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