Transitions 2 (Spiritual Short Stories)

Hallett German


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Every day we face moments of imbalance due to our thoughts and feelings, These Mahayana Buddhist-inspired stories show how we can return to calm and peace to counter our stress-free lives. The stories include:

A Teaching from the Tenzo -- Dogen's advice on cooking is a recipe to dealing with life.

Hasten Slowly -- Milarepa's saying as an approach to daily living. Told in prose format.

Bodhidharma and the Emperor - A powerful person wants confirmation that they have done good with all of their donations. But not all spiritual leaders provide the desired reassurance.

Bodhisattva Vow -- The interplay of abundance and scarcity, helping ourselves and helping others, plus reality and awakening. All told through the eyes of a service window employee.

Heart Sutra -- The popular and often misunderstood text as a story

Deep Listening -- Listening, being present, and solving problems.

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