SQL Server 2000 Fast Answers for DBAs and Developers

Joseph Sack

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SQL Server 2000 is the leading relational database for the Windows platform. It's a full-featured, enterprise-class database server, but its ease of use and maintenance makes it suitable whether you're a junior, part-time, or advanced DBA or developer. SQL Server expert and author Joseph Sack covers all SQL Server 2000 features, so you'll be able to rely on this book when you're in the field and need quick, effective solutions.Included are hundreds of practical recipes that describe and demonstrate the utility of a feature or functionwith the minimum necessary background theory. This quick and effective reference highlights the specifics of every SQL Server command or process. Further, this special signature edition contains a searchable PDF of the book, making it ideal to use as both a desktop reference, and a client-site field guide.
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