Towards a New Socialism

W. Paul Cockshott

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Towards a New Socialism was published in 1993 by Spokesman, Bertrand Russell House, Gamble Street, Nottingham, England, and printed by the Russell Press, Nottingham. The text is copyright W. Paul Cockshott and Allin Cottrell. This digital version was prepared by Allin Cottrell using LATEX. Besides pagination, it differs from the Spokesman printing only in respect of the correction of a few typographical errors and some minor reorganisation of Tables and Figures. No attempt has been made to update the book at this point. Paul Cockshott ([email protected]) currently works at the Turing Institute of the University of Glasgow, and Allin Cottrell ([email protected]) in the Department of Economics at Wake Forest University, North Carolina. The authors wish to thank Maria Black, Ron Buchanan and Greg Michaelson for useful discussions of the ideas in this book. Allin Cottrell also wishes to acknowledge assistance in the form of research grants from Elon College, NorthCarolina, and the Kerr Bequest at the University of Edinburgh.
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