Quantum Mechanics Demystified: A Self-Teaching Guide (Demystified Series)

David McMahon

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Fun format makes this complex subject easy to grasp solutions to typical problems that are explained in full detail. It is perfect for self-study or class supplement. It is great for quick review or help prepare for the Physics qualifying exam. Learn quantum mechanics at warp speed! Now anyone can master the basics of quantum mechanics - without formal training, unlimited time, or a genius IQ. In "Quantum Mechanics Demystified", physicist (and student-savvy author) David McMahon provides an effective and illuminating way to learn the essentials of quantum mechanics.With "Quantum Mechanics Demystified", you master the subject one step at a time - at your own speed. This unique self-teaching guide is filled with solved examples throughout, and offers problems to try at the end of each chapter to pinpoint weaknesses. A final exam serves to reinforce concepts covered in the entire book. This fast and entertaining self-teaching course makes it much easier to - master serious quantum mechanics in easy-to-follow steps.This book cuts through the jargon and learn how to do quantum mechanics using worked examples. It helps reinforce learning and pinpoint weaknesses with questions at the end of each chapter and a comprehensive final exam. Learn about Schrodinger's equation, one dimensional scattering, Hilbert space, and the density operator. Find extensive explanations of spin and angular momentum, vector spaces, matrix mechanics, the harmonic oscillator, and the hydrogen atom. Perform better on qualifying or placement exams. Take a 'final exam' and grade it yourself! Clear enough for beginners, but challenging enough for those who already know something about advanced physics, "Quantum Mechanics Demystified" is the best self-teaching tool you can find!
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