John Berardi - Gourmet Nutrition v2.0

Precision Nutrition

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Gourmet Nutrition is the cookbook that’s as friendly to your body as it is to your taste buds, and it’s equally at home on your kitchen counter and your coffee table. Pick it up, read it through, and try it out – we know you’ll love it!

288-page full-color softcover cookbook
The original Gourmet Nutrition was a PDF e-book, but customers repeatedly told us they wanted a real book they could hold in their hands. So with Gourmet Nutrition V2.0, we not only had it printed, but printed it in full-color using beautiful satin gloss paper and a state-of-the-art printing press. The new Gourmet Nutrition is a stunning book that’s as comfortable on your kitchen counter as it is on your coffee table.

Over 100 brand new recipes
We went back to the drawing board and came up with brand new meals: new mains, new sides, new shakes and snacks – new everything. You’ll have endless variety in the kitchen. Note: if you own the original Gourmet Nutrition, don't worry – these are all new recipes, none of which appeared in the original.

Beautiful color photos of each recipe
Full nutrition data for each recipe
Large and small serving sizes
Post-workout and Anytime meal classifications
Meal plan templates
Cooking strategies and tips
Tools and equipment list
Grocery list
Food preparation instructions
283 Pages
PDF Format
30.29 MB Size