Occupational Toxicology (2nd Edition)

Chris Winder, Neill Stacey

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A basic textbook on the toxicology of industrial chemicals, intended for professionals involved in occupational health and safety or industrial hygiene. This is an OCRed vector PDF copy of the print edition. Grayscale, 635 pages. Good quality, with bookmarks, renumbered pages, and table of contents links.

Occupational Toxicology deals with chemicals in the workplace and introduces the reader to the basic aspects of the science of toxicology that underpin the application of toxicological information to the workplace. The book contains chapters on the most important workplace exposures such as metals, pesticides, solvents, plastics, gases, and particulate matter. Important fields interfacing with occupational toxicology - hygiene, epidemiology and occupational medicine - are covered to assist the reader in understanding the necessity of cross-discipline considerations in dealing with workplace exposures.The book informs the reader as to the types of toxicity seen in the workplace environment and the organs likely to be affected. The lung and the skin are given individual attention as these are important sites of injury/disease caused by exposure to chemicals. As the cancer-related effects of chemicals continue to be of concern, genotoxicity and cancer are also singled out for particular attention. The sometimes confused variety of tests for genotoxicity are comprehensively covered.
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