Organic Chemistry (4th Edition)

Paula Yurkanis Bruice

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A textbook intended for use with a year-long college course in organic chemistry. This is a vector PDF copy of the print edition, marked for proofreading and without front- or back-matter. Color, 1230 pages. Very good quality, with bookmarks and renumbered pages.

This innovative book from acclaimed educator Paula Bruice is organized in a way that discourages rote memorization. The author's writing has been praised for anticipating readers' questions, and appeals to their need to learn visually and by solving problems. Emphasizing that learners should reason their way to solutions rather than memorize facts, Bruice encourages them to think about what they have learned previously and apply that knowledge in a new setting. KEY TOPICS</I> The book balances coverage of traditional topics with bioorganic chemistry, highlights mechanistic similarities, and ties synthesis and reactivity together—teaching the reactivity of a functional group and the synthesis of compounds obtained as a result of that reactivity. For the study of organic chemistry.
1230 Pages
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