Too Nice for Your Own Good : How to Stop Making 9 Self-Sabotaging Mistakes

Duke Robinson

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If you're like most folks, you were raised to be "nice". Yet you find yourself asking: "If I'm so nice, why isn't my life better? Why do so many of the nice things I do leave me feeling burned out, bottled up, or bumbling?" In this book, renowned minister and lecturer Duke Robinson tells you why.

Robinson knows that our well-intended, socially acceptable, nice behaviors often carry down sides, betray us and end up self-defeating.  He nails nine such mistakes we nice people make every day.  Look inside this book at the Contents page to see what they are.

This book will show you how to correct these mistakes, and in their place put life-affirming, liberating behaviors that will help you avoid frustration, stress and embarrassment. You will learn how to:
-- Let go of your need to please everyone.
-- Say "no" and feel wonderful about it
-- Tell others directly what you want, and actually receive it
-- Express anger in ways that heal and help you maintain valued relationships
-- Disarm those who criticize or attack you irrationally
-- Be effective in sensitive, intimate moments with those you care about
-- Stop trying to control, save and protect others and simply support them
-- Liberate your true self for a richer, more robust life.

Are you, like most of us, too nice for your own good? This remarkable book will empower you to get what you need and deserve out of life...and still be a nice person!
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