Ethics and the Internet in West Africa: Toward an Ethical Model of Integration

Patrick J. Brunet, Marie-Claude Vettraino-Soulard

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Ethics and the Internet in West Africa
The whole world is currently undergoing a period of profound change brought about by the development of the worldwide information and communications network, the Internet, which affects every sphere of social life. This book focuses specifically on ethical questions related to the use of the Internet in West Africa. It examines the manner in which the spread of the Internet in Africa raises serious ethical issues; issues that should be identified to ensure that, in the future, the adaptation and integration of Internet technology will be compatible with the development of Africa.
The research behind this book which was carried out by means of field surveys, focuses on five nations in West Africa: two Anglophone—The Gambia and Ghana, and three Francophone—Burkina Faso, Cote d’Iviore, and Senegal. For each county, a portrait of Internet users’ ethical behaviors was successfully created. The book demonstrates how the Internet, by virtue of its content and technology, is creating an upheaval in the practice and modes of communication within African communities. The book concludes with a proposed ethical model for the assimilation of the Internet that could serve as a reference for development policies in each of the respective countries surveyed and, more broadly, throughout Africa.
This work is the result of a research project initiated by the Dakar office of Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), in collaboration with Ottawa University’s Department of Communication.
A Co-publication with IDRC.
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