Use Your Memory

Tony Buzan

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Tony Buzan, author of the best-selling Use Your Head and inventor of the
revolutionary Mind-Mapping technique, has acquired fame by improving the
memory and learning capability of thousands of people. In this book, based
on the latest research into the workings of the human brain, he presents an
ingenious system for training the memory to achieve extraordinary feats.

The book provides surprising, yet simple, techniques for remembering
names, dates, phone numbers and appointments. Special programmes are
given for card players and there is a useful section for students on how to
attain optimum examination results. Buzan reveals his methods with
engaging enthusiasm, drawing upon extraordinary, surreal images to illustrate
how the mnemonic system works. Some of these images are illustrated in full
colour. For anyone who has difficulty in remembering facts and figures, people
and places, Use Your Memory will be invaluable.
from Zevaka: Really, people, i've read this book and it's really amazing. I liked to demonstrate to my friends how i remember lists with hundreds items in certain order, remembering number of every item. Read it along with Use Your Head, which will be uploaded shortly.
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