Chemical Thermodynamics: Basic Concepts and Methods (7th Edition)

Irving M. Klotz, Robert M. Rosenberg

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A textbook intended for college seniors and graduate students studying chemical thermodynamics. This is a vector PDF copy. Monochrome, 587 pages. Excellent quality, with bookmarks, renumbered pages, and table of contents/index links.

NOTE: This is a revision of Chemical Thermodynamics: Basic Theory and Methods, Sixth Edition. One of the authors died, and the title was changed slightly.

A completely updated, expanded edition of a longstanding and influential text on chemical thermodynamics. Covers the logical foundations and interrelationships of thermodynamics and their application to problems that are commonly encountered by the chemist. Explanations of abstract concepts in a clear and simple, yet still rigorous fashion. Logical arrangement of the material to facilitate learning, including worked out examples. Computational techniques, graphical, numerical, and analytical, are described fully and are used frequently, both in illustrative and in assigned problems. For more than fifty years, this critically acclaimed and highly influential publication has been the textbook of choice in the field of chemical thermodynamics. This Seventh Edition not only brings the text thoroughly up to date with the latest developments and applications, it also offers new features that better enable students to master key concepts and apply them in practice. While thoroughly revised and updated, the text's fundamental objectives remain unchanged: to present the foundations and interrelationships of thermodynamics and to enable students to apply basic concepts in solving problems typically encountered by chemists, biologists, geologists, and materials scientists. Moreover, the text continues to maintain a logical unity throughout by focusing on the laws of classical thermodynamics and applications to gases, solutions, phase equilibria, and chemical equilibria.
587 Pages
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