Judge Judy Sheindlin's You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover: Cool Rules For School

Judge Judy Sheindlin's Win or Lose by How You Choose , Judge Judy's first children's book, wowed critics and topped best-seller lists by presenting kids with questions about real-life dilemmas and asking them to select the right response from a list of choices.Now, with this paperback edition of her second book, Judge Judy Sheindlin's You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover, Judge Judy tackles the moral choices kids face every day at school. By setting up recognizable scenarios and then challenging kids to judge which of four responses best fits the case, Judge Judy creates a platform for adults and children to talk through the answers together, exploring moral choices and weighing the consequences their decisions could bring. Judge Judy dares kids to judge for themselves and to make the right choice

0060294841 ISBN
9780060294847 ISBN13
February 6th 2001 Publish Date