The Complete Book of Shoulders and Arms: Definitive Resource for Shaping and Strengthening the Shoulders and Arms, The

For men, broad shoulders and muscular arms are the archetype for strength and power. For women, the sagging underarm is one of the most common trouble spots. For both, defined deltoids make the waist appear smaller and separate the arm from the shoulder, creating an athletic and healthy look. Body-concious modern fashions make training the shoulders and arms a priority for everyone.The Complete Book of Shoulders and Arms is the definitive resource to train these muscles safely. Each exercise is illustrated in detail, ranked for difficulty, flagged for lower-back risk and accompanied by explicit instructions and specific training tips to achieve optimal results. The exercise routines are based on the most current research in sports medicine/exercise physiology and were created by top strength coaches, athletes, personal trainers, exercise physiologists, doctors, physical therapists and nutritionists. Programs are designed for everyone from the novice to the advanced enthusiast, for the corporate executive with time-crunched schedules and for the senior concerned with wellness.

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