Ultimate Training: Gary's Null's Complete Guide to Eating Right, Exercise, and Living Longer

Many training programs increase performance by sacrificing personal health, ignoring the body's important physical and mental needs, and, finally, leading to injury. Ultimate Training shows how to heighten physical stamina while increasing the well-being of the whole body. Null's comprehensive regimen offers specific advice about physiology, nutrition, and how to avoid injuries. It is also designed to integrate emotional, spiritual, and intellectual energy with the tough physical demands of long-distance running and race walking.This book includes:* Information on how to develop a holistic workout, regardless of age or physical condition* A 28-Day Running Plan that can be incorporated into any busy schedule* A detailed list of common running injuries, plus stretches and exercises to prevent them* Key steps to improving the immune system* An extensive nutritional guideThe founder of the Natural Living, Walking, and Running Club, Gary Null has developed a holistic running regimen that has been used by over ten thousand runners, including Olympians and triathletes. This is the first book on his increasingly popular training philosophy and it is geared toward a general audience.

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