Sky of Swords

The mightiest swordsmen in the realm, are bound by magic to defend their noble the death.The King's BladesThe unloved child of the unscrupulous King Ambrose,Princess Malinda learned at an early age to fight for what was rightfully hers. Now, with the Kings abrupt death, civil war has become her grim destiny. Making her uncertain way through the blood labyrinth of schemesand betrayals, Malinda can trust none but the Blades of the Royal Guard. But the Blades themselves are in grave peril. And the young Queen faces the most crucialdecision of her life: a choice that will either redeem her kingdom from chaos...or bring ultimate destruction down upon it, her Blades, and herself.

0380791285 ISBN
9780380791286 ISBN13
The King's Blades #3 Series
2000 Publish Date