Report on Planet Three

From the author who brought you 2001: A Space Odyssey comes a delightful and fascinating universe of ideas. For those of you who are worried about what the neighbors will think, there is what is purported to be an old Martian document which tells us what our nearest neighbor has to say about life on Earth.Later in the book, Clarke goes on to explain the proper etiquette for contacting and dealing with aliens from outer space, or what to do if they get here first...Ranging from the light fantastic to the extremely possible, this collection is divided into five sections: Talking of Space; Outward from Earth; The Technological Future; Frontiers of Science; and Son of Dr. Strangelove, Etc.From Martians to Magi, here is Arthur C. Clarke's unforgettable tour of the Universe - known, unknown and yet to come.

0451115732 ISBN
9780451115737 ISBN13
January 1972 Publish Date