*Stataquest - Manual Only

This program is PC Compatible with DOS 3.1 or higher, CGA or super VGA monitor and at least 2MB of RAM and Macintosh version (computers with at least 2MB of RAM) and UNIX Workstations. STATAQUEST provides the introductory statistics student with a statistics learning program. STATAQUEST is menu-driven for ease of use with no complex commands to remember and no intricate dialog boxes to navigate. All available selections are logically grouped and easily accessed, and there are never more than 3 levels of menus. After making a menu selection, students respond to concise, plain English questions with a minimum of typing. As students progress, additional options and procedures are available with Stata's command language. Also with STATAQUEST's spreadsheet data editor data entry and modification become easy. Students can import files from databases, spreadsheets and other programs. They can also transform variables with the easy-to-use formula function and can sort data by any variable.

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