Scrabble Fun: Word Detective (Intermediate Level)

Introducing... a new series of activity books based on America's favorite word game! SCRABBLE(R) Fun is a new series of hands-on activity books that introduce and reinforce the essential skills that children ages three to twelve need to succeed, from language arts and reading skills such as vocabulary, spelling, and dictionary usage, to math skills such as calculation, spatial relationships, and problem solving. The SCRABBLE(R) Fun activity book series is comprised of three levels -- Preschool, Primary, and Intermediate -- ensuring that there is a level suitable for any child from three to twelve years old. Each book contains more than 70 tear-out SCRABBLE(R) tiles and instructions for parents and teachers. The SCRABBLE(R) brand is an American icon, with more than 100 million games sold worldwide. But the SCRABBLE(R) game is more than just fun: it's an important learning tool. The School SCRABBLE(R) Program, developed in 1991, has proven extremely successful in classrooms across the country. The facts speak for themselves: - Half a million students in more than 15,000 schools across the country participate in the School SCRABBLE(R) Program. - The program provides teachers with innovative ways of using the SCRABBLE(R) game to teach reading, language arts, math, and critical thinking skills. - Studies have shown that the School SCRABBLE(R) Program not only improves these essential skills but fosters a curiosity about learning and builds students' confidence. The SCRABBLE(R) Fun activity book series draws upon the principles of the School SCRABBLE(R) Program to explore learning in new ways. WHAT MAKES SCRABBLE FUN ACTIVTY BOOKS UNIQUE? - Active, hands-onlearning: More than 70 tear-out SCRABBLE(R) letter tiles in each book offer an active, hands-on learning experience -- one that is more engaging and effective for children than many traditional teaching methods. - Meets educational standards: Yes, activity books should be fun, but a solid educational basis is essential. The activities in the SCRABBLE(R) Fun series are based on nationally mandated educational standards. - A trusted household name: The SCRABBLE(R) game is popular at home, and its proven track record as a teaching tool in schools ensures that SCRABBLE(R) Fun is a series that kids will love and that parents and teachers can trust.

0618151303 ISBN
9780618151301 ISBN13
2001 Publish Date