Horse and Pony Tack

Everything a young equestrian wants to know about horse and pony breeds, care and feeding, jumping, basic riding skills, tack, and understanding horses and ponies can be found in The Complete Guides to Horses and Ponies. Dozens of photographs, including numerous detailed close-ups, can be found in each volume. These captivating photos, combined with comprehensive and easy-to-follow text, make the books useful for the beginning rider as well as experienced jumpers.Horse and Pony Tack introduces young readers to the essential equipment that is necessary for riding and keeping a horse or pony. Through clearly presented, step-by-step explanations and photographs, readers are encouraged to learn the basics of horse and pony gear. Topics include blankets, saddles, bridles, bits, gags, nosebands, headgear, protective gear, and tack maintenance.

0836824474 ISBN
9780836824476 ISBN13
July 1999 Publish Date