There's no doubt about it: when it comes to kids and their favorite things, nothing scores more points than baby animals. They're curious, they're cuddly, and let's face it -- they're adorable! In Busy Baby Animals, young readers will not only have outstanding photos and illustrations to appreciate, they'll also learn about a variety of baby animals! In each book, the youngster is whisked away to the baby animal's world. In large, easy-to-read text, readers will learn how the baby animal takes its first steps, has its first meal, or takes its first bath. Each book also contains additional information about each animal, acting as a helpful aid to parents and teachers.We've all seen pictures or cartoons with baby deer -- perhaps showing how they sleep in the grass with their spotted backs. But what else do they do? Meet Dama, a baby deer, and see how she runs and plays, calls for her mother, or takes a nice nap.

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