From Here I Can See The End

‘The sun shines on the hill sloping down to the shore. The autumn day is pleasant and the soft breeze makes him feel satisfied although he can see the end. The bells of old age ring with a beautiful sound. It seems strange to be able to enjoy what cannot be defined, knowing there is very little to look forward to . . .‘The end glitters with something that is less than hope and more than resignation!‘All the same, it is there at the bottom of the hill, and the coming days will complete the picture. There is no hurry . . .’Ibrahim Yared was born in Egypt in 1925 and trained as an electrical engineer. He worked in Lebanon as a consultant for fifty years before retiring. He is the author of In the Middle of Nowhere: A Quest for Belonging, Watching from a Distance and A Cage without Bars, also published by Saqi Books.

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