No End in Sight: The Rachael Scordis Story

For the last ten years, twenty-year-old Rachel Scdoris has been guiding teams of sled dogs over mountain ranges, across frozen rivers and through desolate tundra. She raises and trains the dogs herself, and works with a visual interpreter to compete. Born blind, Rachel's story is about growing up amidst the taunts of classmates who made fun of "the blind girl" to becoming a captain of her track team and later an Olympic torch carrier and dog musher. She became the youngest athlete to complete a 500 mile sled dog race, and - though she faced stiff opposition from the organizers of the race - finally achieved her goal of racing in the Iditarod Trail International Sled Dog Race across Alaska in 2005. No End in Sight is a remarkable story of athleticism and the grace that comes from working with animals. It is also a stirring memoir about how the support of family and an inner compass can propel anyone to achieve their goals.

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