Blitzkrieg: The Mp40 Machinenpistole of WWII

This book includes the history and development of the German machine pistol from the MP18, I to the MP40 to include; Germany 1918-1939 a brief history of events, The MP18, I the first machine pistol, The MP28.II the evolution begins, The Bergmann machine pistols, The Erma EMP, Steyr-Solothurn, The MP36 the missing link, The MP38 and MP40, The Aberdeen Proving Ground trials, The German influences of U.S. weapon design, MP40 Production, contractors and subcontractors, Waffenamt-marks and proof marks, Accessories, Other submachine guns fielded by the German Army, The 9mm cartridge and The modern shooter-collector.

0970195494 ISBN
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2003 Publish Date