Best Friends Forever: A Couples Guide

Finding and maintaining a joyous, harmonious relationship is more difficult than ever in today's fast-paced, demanding world. Best Friends Forever: A Couples Guide outlines the practical steps that individuals can take to find and maintain love over the course of a lifetime. For those already in a relationship, this volume offers a blueprint that partners can follow every day of their lives. Author Michael Levin takes readers step-by-step through the evolution of a great relationship: from finding Mr. or Ms. Right, to dealing with forms of abandonment, to breaking down barriers, to the keys to a loving, lasting relationship. He takes readers on a journey that encourages greater awareness when choosing a partner, and then building a loving and fulfilling relationship in which couples are best friends forever. Along the way, he points out behavior patterns that can serve as warning signs and explains how a partner's characteristics and past are the passkeys to a couple's future. Readers who follow his timely advice will find that: --Neither partner in the relationship will ever have to build a barrier that separates one from the other. --By doing things for each other that make life more comfortable, partners will show their love for each other from morning to night. --Partners will be encouraging positive feelings of self-worth in one another. --Partners will trust each other implicitly, secure in the knowledge that they have one another's full backing. At the end of the book, a how-to "Quick Reference" for both men and women offers specific and clear guidance on being the other's best friend and offers valuable guidance to encourage nurturing, honest, and considerate behaviors.

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July 2002 Publish Date