Eleven Months of Hell

After joining the military and trying to escape from humble beginnings, Mercedes decide to take night classes to while in the military overseas in Nea Makri Greece. Her intentions were to do her two year tour of duty and take as many classes as she could. But things changed when she met a charming but dysfunctional Airforce Sargeant. Fred, the Airforce Sargeant has more issues and drama than Mercedes as was aware of. But it was too late, she had fallen in love with the Sargeat. Mercedes eventually got her degree, but only after much drama and heartache. Mercedes moves on with her life and along the way she meet the most colorful, but loyal friends that help get through 11 months of hell. This book touches on several social issues of today, such as addiction, alternative life styles and promiscuous behavior, just to name a few.

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