Are You Breathing Properly?: How Proper Breathing Exercises Can Keep You Healthy - Dueep Jyot Singh

Are You Breathing Properly?: How Proper Breathing Exercises Can Keep You Healthy

By Dueep Jyot Singh

  • Release Date: 2017-09-24
  • Genre: Saúde e fitness
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Table of Contents

The Importance of Breathing Properly
The Process of Breathing
Are You Breathing Properly?
Shallow Breathing
General Tips to Follow
Laughter Therapy
Proper Posture and Standing Positions
Easy to Do Breathing Exercises
Breathing Exercise No 1
Exercise No. 2
Exercises No. 3 and 4 – to be done together
Exercise No. 5
Exercise No. 6
Exercise No. 7
Exercise No. 8
Exercise No. 9
Exercise No. 10
Lying down Exercises –
Breathing from the Diaphragm
Dumbbell Exercises
Rhythmic Breathing
Alternative Breathing
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Breathing in huge lungfuls of fresh air, out in the open, especially when you are exercising is going to supply a large amount of oxygen, to your body.

A person who wants to know more about this topic is immediately going to say, “What do you mean I am not breathing properly, of course, everybody knows about breathing, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, oxygen in, carbon dioxide out, so what is the big deal?”

But then are you doing this the right way? Are you using your lungs to their full capacity? Or are you just breathing in a shallow manner, not allowing proper amounts of oxygen to reach your lungs and from there to your brain?

How many times have you found yourself hyperventilating in moments of stress when you think “I cannot breathe,” because you are all full of tension, and suddenly you find that you have forgotten how to inhale, exhale.

In Regency times, this situation was called hysteria, especially when women stopped breathing in a noisy fit, and their faces went all red or went all blue, depending on how much oxygen was going into their lungs. But nowadays, because the word hysteria is being associated with something which a modern, sophisticated, With It woman is not going to consider to be a part of her mental makeup, it is called a panic attack.

So whenever I find a woman, going into what she calls a panic attack under the slightest provocation, I ask anyone near her, – an acquaintance or a family member for choice – to slap her on her face. And they often do, with enthusiasm and alacrity; if only to stop that noise. That was what was done to get women out of their hysterical fits, 250 years ago. That being equally effective, even now, is also going to get a panic attack struck woman of today’s world, whooping for breath again.

So this book is going to tell you all about proper breathing, and how useful it is to keep you in good health. It is also going to tell you all about breathing exercises, including the “inhale, exhale” which you do during meditation.

Well, now that you have this book in hand, and are reading these words, start inhaling and exhaling deeply right now, until you have finished the book. By the time you finish that, and continue this for a couple of days consciously, you are going to find that it begins to come natural. And that is all to the good.