The Technopriests Book One: Initiation

The bastard son of a pirate, the young boy called Albino has only one goal: to become a member of the Technoguild and create the videogames that influence every citizen in the galaxy...or die trying And he just might The path to become a Technopriest is a difficult one and Albino must face many trials before he can fulfill his destiny. Meanwhile, Albino's mother, brother, and sister begin a perilous quest to find the brutal pirates who fathered Albino and his siblings. In this epic Sci-Fi series, Alexandro Jodorowsky (The Incal, The Metabarons) collaborates with artist Zoran Janjetov and digital artist Fred Beltran to create a universe that is truly imaginative and limitless.

1401203590 ISBN
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The Technopriests / Les Technopères #1-3 Series
2004 Publish Date