Mordred, Bastard Son

Traitor. Exile. Lover of Men.“My mother is the Witch-Queen Morgan le Fay and my father, King Arthur. Merlin foretold that if a son like me were born to Arthur, his kingdom would be destroyed. By birthright, I am heir to the throne stolen from my mother…” In this spellbinding novel of dangerous magic and burning desire, Mordred’s first forbidden passion for the greatest knight of his father’s kingdom leads him to break the most sacred law and betray his own people…sending him on a treacherous journey from which few have ever returned. A twist on the Camelot legends from New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Douglas Clegg, the first in a projected series.

1555839878 ISBN
9781555839871 ISBN13
The Chronicles of Mordred #1 Series
2006 Publish Date