The Pilgrims Of Great Britain

The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain was founded in 1902 to promote 'good-will, good-fellowship, abiding friendship, and everlasting peace between the United States and Great Britain'. Throughout the twentieth century its glittering dinners and receptions for ambassadors, statesmen and opinion-makers were a focus for an alliance across the Atlantic. In the dawning years of the 21st century, as the world faces a crisis unimaginable to the society's founders a hundred years before, the 'special relationship' between the USA and the UK is as valuable as ever, and the Pilgrims Society continues to play its part by cultivating mutual interest, understanding and friendship between the two countries. This meticulously researched and elegantly written history features more than 200 rare illustrations from the society's archives, graphically evoking the special atmosphere of the Pilgrims.

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