Archie Americana Series: Best of the Eighties, Vol. 1

The awesome eighties- a time when pop culture inevitably ruled America as a former actor rose to become the nation's President! Perhaps more than any other decade, the good economy provided America's youth with more disposable income than ever, allowing them to dive head first into the latest fads and fashions. Ever timeless, Archie and his friends came along for the ride, engaging both the energy and excitement of the times with their unique brand of humor, as only they could! Journey back with us now in this eagerly anticipated volume. Experience the "punk" movement as it shakes up Riverdale! Relive the "Urban Cowboy" craze! Behold the rise of MTV! Witness the emergence of preppie, new wave and "Flashdance" fashions! Play along with "Trivial Pursuit"! Gaze at the popular '80s movies and TV shows! Boogie with Archie and the gang at the roller disco and laugh again at the antics of America's #1 teenagers!

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Archie Americana #9 Series