The Incal, Book 2: John Difool, Class "R" Detective

In the darkly humorous world of the City Shaft, John Difool's first case puts him in the middle of a conspiracy reaching from the posh upper levels to the depths of the vertical city. Will John find the truth and become a full detective, or will love lead him astray?The Incal is the world-renowned tale from creators Moebius and Alexandro Jodorowsky. The tale begins with a young John Difool, as he tries to survive riots and poverty in the days before the Presidential Cloning. It is here that John must learn to be his own man, as he is slowly drawn into events of cosmic proportions. It is fitting that Janjetov, who studied under Moebius, will illustrate the first two trade paperback collections. The Incal series of books will reprint the COMPLETE story, including a masterful computer re-coloring of every page.

1930652852 ISBN
9781930652859 ISBN13
Before the Incal / Avant l'Incal #2 Series
1990 Publish Date