Uncommon Answers to Common Questions

"Meditation is not an esoteric art practiced by sages and yogis. It has practical benefits for each of us today, no matter what our age, culture, or religion." - Swamiji."Uncommon Answers to Common Questions" is distillation of Swamiji's words on topics ranging from the universal quest for happiness, to the reasons for failing relationships, to the true relevance of spirituality in our time. This compilation of talks, delivered in Swamiji's deceptively simple style, not only reflects our individual hopes and struggles, but also points to the forces that are shaping global communities today.Science is the first step towards spirituality!"We asked Swamiji to go into the deepest meditation state... (and found that) his brain was more than 90% shut down! It was quiet and still, completely at peace... and Swamiji had made it so at will.From Swamiji's Quantitative Electroencephalograph (QEEG), we can see that he has complete control over his brainwaves. When in deep meditation, his brain smoothly shifted from one state to another, like a talented pianist playing the scales. Because the QEEG represents the five brainwave bandwidths as colors, it was as if we were watching Swamiji float from color to color within a rainbow!The activity in the frontal lobes of Swamiji's brain... was several times higher than would be seen in the average human brain under any conditions. The frontal lobes are associated with the functions of intelligence, attention, wisdom, and judgment.Swamiji is a bridge between the invisible, ancient world of mysticism and the modern, visible world of science and discovery."(Excerpts from the research report submitted by a team of neurologists from Oklahoma State University, who preformed extensive research on Swamiji's neurological system in March 2004.)

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