The Science of Living: How to Improve Your Communication Skills - Colvin Nyakundi & John Davidson

The Science of Living: How to Improve Your Communication Skills

By Colvin Nyakundi & John Davidson

  • Release Date: 2014-03-17
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The Science of Living - How to Improve Your Communication Skills

Table of Contents
Starting a Conversation
Communicating With a Spouse
What about Communication with Close Friends?
Talking To Small Children
Maximizing Your Potential at Work through Communication
How to Communicate During Interviews
Talking To Strangers and Making New Friends
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How to Improve Your Communication Skills
Communication is the process of conveying a message or feeling through verbal or non-verbal means. It entails talking, use of gestures, posture and/or facial expressions. Although most people tend to ignore the importance of communication skills in their lives, the truth of the matter is that it greatly affects their relationship with other people. You must therefore take your time to understand how to improve your personal and professional life by developing better communication techniques.
Regardless of your height, race, gender, age or place of residence, there is no way that you can live a comfortable and stress-free lifestyle without good communication skills. Your choice of words and other expressions will have a huge impact on the number of friends you have. It will also affect how close –or distant- you are to your friends and the kind of secrets you are likely to share with them.
Your love-life is also greatly determined by your verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. This means that you must put some effort to improve these skills so as to have a strong and fulfilling love-life.
Learning good communication skills is also one of the things that can make your professional life so much easier and enjoyable. With good skills, you will find it easy to talk and relate with your juniors and superiors.
Students might also find it very important to improve their communication skills as it will have a huge impact on their performance at school. Socializing with fellow students or even teachers will be so much easier once you learn how to communicate properly.
It is my hope that after reading this book you will have gained the necessary knowledge to improve your communication skills. Nothing will give me more pleasure than knowing that I improved somebody’s relationship(s) through this book.