Introduction to Rhododendrons: Growing Rhododendrons in your Garden - Dueep Jyot Singh

Introduction to Rhododendrons: Growing Rhododendrons in your Garden

By Dueep Jyot Singh

  • Release Date: 2015-04-06
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Table of Contents
Introduction to Rhododendrons
Knowing More about Azaleas
Ghent Azaleas
Cultivation of Rhododendrons
Soil for Your Rhododendrons
Shade and Shelter for Your Rhododendrons
Effect of Wind and Sun
So How Do You Get the Best Shade for Your Rhododendrons?
Shade Plants to Avoid
Best Sheltering Plants
Pests and Diseases
Rhododendron Types and Hybrids
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The moment you hear the word “rhododendron”, you immediately think that the name sounds familiar, especially in gardening circles. But it is surprising to know that even though most gardeners are familiar with the term “rhododendrons”, and many of us are going to recognize a flower of this genus, when he received, comparatively few people realize the possibilities and scope of this genus in its magnificence and potential.

The whole genus includes the original varieties and different species, as well as hybrids. The ancient Greeks and Romans knew about the value of these pretty flowering trees, and they gave this genus its name that has come down the centuries – Rhodon for Rose, and “dendron” for tree. But even though this genus may be called Rhododendron, you are going to find very few tree species here.

More than 1000 woody plants make up this family. They are either deciduous, or evergreen. They are supposedly native to the Himalayan regions of Asia and major portion of China and Myanmar but they are still widespread all over the Appalachian Mountains and oak – heath forests in North America. That is the reason why a number of States have rhododendrons, as their state flowers. These include West Virginia in the US as well as Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir in India.
Rhododendrons are also Nepal’s national flower where they are called “Lali Guransh.” Rhododendron macrophyllum is Washington’s state flower. It is commonly known as the Pacific Rhododendron.